PT REMAJA JAYA GLOBALINDO (RMJ) is an Indonesian company engaged in plantation and supply raw materials from fresh coconut to processed coconut products which has top value and benefits for our consumers. Here are our processed coconut products:

RBD Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)
Desiccated Coconut
Charcoal Briquette
Coconut Fiber
Cocopeat Block
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Our Mission is to provide high quality products from Coconut to health conscious consumers around the world in sustainable and economical way, thus ensuring and fulfilling environmental and community needs at the same time.

Our Vision is to ‘Hydrate’ global needs for healthier life option from the nature’s best products, Coconuts.

Your trust and satisfaction is our main goal and motivate us to make our company growth stronger and becoming one of the best leading company for coconut products supplier in the world.






PT REMAJA JAYA GLOBALINDO highly values integrity in all aspect of the business as a foundation of strong long term relationship. We ensure to work towards the shared goal instead of selfish interest, through honest and clear communication without hidden meanings or agendas.”

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