cocopeat block with wm
cocopeat block with wm2

Cocopeat blocks are considered an ideal growing medium. The cocopeat powder thus obtained is sieved, washed, dried and finally compressed into blocks. The blocks can be used for a wide range of planting requirements. Coir is known for its natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. We also ensure secure packaging of the cocopeat blocks.

One kilogram of compressed coco peat will expand to 15 litres of moist coco peat. The Coco peat by itself does not have any nutrients for plant growth. Necessary nutrients will have to be added according to the plant that is to be grown exclusively in coco peat. Coco peat is also mixed with sand, compost and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil. In horticulture, coco peat is recommended as substitute for peat because it is free from bacteria and fungal spores and is produced without any environmental damage caused by peat mining.


Dimension : 30 x 30 x 13 cm
Weight : 5 kg
Compression Ratio : 5:1
Moisture : 16-18%
Ph : 5,2 - 6,8
Expansion : 70-80 litres


40 Feet Containers : Max load 20 pallete
(Each Palletes = 280 blocks)
Max Load for 40 feet Containers = 28 MT (28,000 kg)

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