6 Types of Coconut in Indonesia

types of coconut in indonesia

Coconut is one of the many plantation crops found in Indonesia. There are many types of coconut in Indonesia. Classification and naming of coconuts are grouped based on stem height, color, fruit shape, growing area, and the area of origin.

Types of Coconut Types in Indonesia

The following types of coconut trees and their advantages:

Green Coconut

Green coconut has a striking green fruit skin base and belongs to the deep coconut type (tall tree) and the fruit has a fairly large size.

Green coconut contains a thinner layer of fruit flesh, the older it is, the thicker the layer of fruit flesh will be. Green coconut contains more nutrients than young coconut, so it can be used as medicine to cure certain diseases, one of which is to sterilize poisons in the body of people with food poisoning.

Not only that, the shells and fibers can also be used for handicrafts, kitchen utensils, and basic building materials.

Fragrant Pandan Coconut

As the name implies, this type of coconut is known because its flesh has a distinctive aroma like the aroma of pandan leaves. This aroma can even be smelled immediately when the fibers begin to open.

Short in stature with a maximum height of only 3 meters, does not prevent pandanus Wangi from producing fruit perfectly. It has been proven that this type of coconut tree can produce fruit at the age of 3 years, faster than other coconuts.

Apart from that, Pandan Wangi coconut water also has a very sweet taste, so there is no need to add sugar or honey. Another advantage is that fragrant pandan coconut water has a fairly high electrolyte content.

When talking about price, it is definitely up to 10 times superior, maintenance is difficult and not everyone can cultivate it.

Ivory Coconut

Often found around rural rice fields, ivory coconut is relatively easy to plant, so farmers often plant it in rice fields as a shade plant but have value one day, that is, it can be harvested and useful.

The orange-yellow color of the fruit is characteristic of the ivory coconut type. Ivory coconut is also superior in the number of fruits, usually, the ivory coconut tree bears more bees than other coconut trees. The softer and thicker flesh of the fruit is also a distinct advantage for ivory coconut.

Dwarf Coconut Entok

Dwarf coconut is one of the superior types of coconut fruit plants that are cultivated commercially. The early maturing coconuts are of good quality, the flesh tends to be soft, the fruit skin is green in color, and the coconut water content in this variety is more than other types of coconut varieties.

Dwarf wild goose has a fairly good level of adaptation. This plant can live in all forms of soil, as long as it has healthy drainage and aeration, and gets enough sun exposure.

The early maturing nature or easy fruiting makes the early maturing coconuts able to start bearing fruit when the plants are 3-4 years old after planting. Meanwhile, if cared for properly, the age of this plant can reach 50 years with a productive period of 25 years.

Red Wulung Coconut

Types of red coconuts are divided into 2 types: short tree coconut (dwarf) and tall tree coconut (deep). Having a very large and round fruit makes this coconut tree bigger than other types.

Almost all the properties of the coconuts above are also present in this ruling coconut. Very often used by pregnant women as a natural body energy supply. In addition to fresh water, it can also be an antidote that has entered the human body. And there are many more benefits of this ruling coconut fruit.

Kopyor Coconut

This last type of coconut is very unique and strange. Having a genetic disorder actually makes this coconut a special advantage that makes it have a high selling price.

It is a coconut that grows unsuccessfully or abnormally on the fruit making the kopyor type separate between the fruit flesh and the inner shell wall. So the coconut meat peels off and tends to be very soft.

Other uses exist as cake ingredients, both dry cakes, and wet cakes. In addition, the economic value is also very high. When compared to ordinary coconuts, the price of kopyor coconuts can reach four to five times.

After knowing the types of coconut in Indonesia and their advantages. Look forward to new information and insights about coconut products only here.

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